Had An Accident

We are Always There for You

As a Honda owner you automatically become eligible for Honda Accident Assistance. We just want you to know that we are there whenever you require our help.

What you should do if you have an accident

Having an accident, even a little knock, can be extremely traumatic and upsetting. You might find it handy to refer to this list, to help you handle the situation calmly and effectively.

  • Call 0800 521 728 and press option 2 to speak to a member of Honda’s accident management team who will support and guide you right through the process.

  • Stay calm, move to a safe place and don’t get caught up in an argument.

  • Don’t admit responsibility. Even saying sorry could be interpreted as you taking responsibility for the accident.

  • Exchange contact and insurance niceties with anyone involved.

  • Note down names and contact details of any witnesses.

  • If possible take a few pictures of the scene with your phone or camera.

  • Note where the cars collided.

  • Record any damage to your car and any third party vehicles, if possible take a few photos.